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Conditioning Routine │ Upgrade Your Plastic Bag

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There is nothing wrong with using a plastic bag or cap for conditioning. Not. At. All. But once I used Hot Head Thermal Heat Cap, I will not use the plastic cap, by itself, for deep conditioning again.

Hot Head stepped up my deep conditioning, without any hard work or extra time. My kinky hair has a hard time retaining moisture. So  conditioning regularly is my mission to healthier, longer hair. I try to incorporate deep conditioning and steaming treatments at least once a week.

Steaming is great to incorporate into your regimen, especially if you have low porosity hair. My hair really enjoys it. I have pictures and video in this Huetiful Steamer Review.

Usually, I am doing a million different things in the middle of my wash day or conditioning regimen. This is the #1 reason I love my Hot Head! MOBILITY. While steamers and dryers are good for getting the job done quickly, my heat cap allows me to do the things that I always end up wanting to do while I’m waiting on my hair. Multi-tasking at its best.

How it works:

What They Say -The Hot Head heat cap is filled with all natural flax seed which will generate heat when warmed in the microwave. It’s reusable and is the most environmentally friendly way to deep condition your hair with heat at home. There is no need to plug it into an outlet or use batteries to power the heat. With a few minutes in the microwave Hot Head will produce enough gentle moist heat for a 20-45 minutes treatment (microwaves vary). The fact that there are no cords and no plugs means that you are free to move about while deep conditioning your hair.

What I Say – Anything that leaves a small footprint in my home AND in the environment is a plus for me! The fact that this is reusable and does not need to be powered is great. From my experience, this cap really does generate enough heat to last well over 30 minutes. As I stated, lasting heat and mobility during my conditioning treatments, is the #1 reason I purchased. It is a practical, no fuss addition that anyone can use.

Here, I am giving you a brief video of my conditioning routine with my Hot Head.


How to clean:

What They Say – Your Hot Head can be spot cleaned using warm water and a mild detergent. This tends to be sufficient since you will always be wearing a disposable or reusable plastic shower cap as a barrier between the Hot Head and your conditioner immersed hair. If your cap gets a little linty, simply roll over it with a lint roller to make it come clean again.

What I Say – I have had no need to even spot clean! As long as you use it properly, it rarely needs to be cleaned. Even using it weekly, I have no lint. The inside looks a little less “new”, but that is it. Here is a picture of my cap now, after 8 months.

hot head use


My hair stays moist, no matter how long I sit! I attribute that to, not only the microwaved flax seeds, but the weight of the cap. It really seals in the heat from the seeds well after they have cooled off. It also traps in that head heat you naturally get when your head is covered. I have even used my Hot Head without heating it. The pockets of flax seeds are sewn into the cap in the shape of a flower, and the petals come down the sides.

I fell asleep plenty of times with just a plastic bag on and there is always a section dry (usually the back of my head). After wearing the cap for an hour in the clip above, all of my hair was still damp from the root to the tip. The Hot Head has a very sturdy, elastic band that keeps the whole head covered so no strands are neglected.

I have been using my cap almost every week since I purchased, a little under a year ago. So I guess it’s safe to say I love it and would recommend it to those who regularly condition at home. It works well and is well made. No fraying or tearing and no need to clean often. It easily folds in a drawer and the flax seeds do not spoil or have any smells.

They come in the cutest colors too!

Where to find Hot Head:

You can visit to purchase.

They even have Little Hot Heads for the kiddies!


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