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I am not a blogger…

I really related to this! I have always seemed to be a good source of information for my friends. Even if I don’t have an answer, depending on the topic, I will find out whatever you need to know 😜.  Since I have embraced my natural hair, in the past 5 years I have accumulated tons of valuable info, websites, products and tips & tricks. Why not share?? I only consider myself an expert on my own hair, but I have put in the time (plus trial and error, the worst part). Not to mention, hair is not the only thing I am well at or enthusiastic about.

My mission is bigger than writing and this is just the start. Even though the word ‘blogger’ is the technical term for a person writing posts and publishing them, I don’t FEEL like a “blogger”. Does that make sense?

With all that said, I’m more of the go-to friend versus a blogger. #iamnotablogger

Thanks to The Royal Coil, I found some inspiration today 🙂

The Royal Coil - An Afro & lifeStyle Blog

I’m not a blogger. Although I have tried so hard to be one. I have tried to consistently come up with reasons why readers should visit my blog – reasons that fit into neat little lists that make supposedly attention-grabbing headline. But nah. I haven’t been able to do it. I can’t seem to find the consistency for it. I haven’t been able to find the rhythm to my writing in the past year. I write out of passion or at least interest or humor. It feels impossible to blog when I feel like I have to. And when you’re a blogger (that writes posts), you have to.

I’m not a blogger. I don’t have good fashion pics, and I don’t have artistically photographed images of my perfectly decorated desks with accessories from Ross and Home Goods and Kate Spade and whatnot. (Not to say that I wouldn’t want one…

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6 thoughts on “I am not a blogger…

  1. I love this post … But I had to take a step back and realize that in order for me to be the writer I aspire to be I have to write everyday and I’m ok with that my issue is just finding time lol both of your blogs are very inspirational and that’s all that matters especially as natural hair beauties ..you are very beautiful and so is your blog looking forward to more … I have the same issue with times it looks like no one is listening but know they are Xxoo

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